W101| Glory and Grandeur: Ancient Greece and Rome


9:30 am - 11:00 am 


3/24, 3/31, 4/7, 4/14, 4/21 &  4/28

Six Sessions 

This course is offered online via the easy-to-use Zoom program.

The Classical World contributed an endless array of concepts to the world: the politics of demokritia vs. tyrannos, enduring architectural design, comedy and tragedy, the tradition of Plato and Socrates, the power of Republic and Empire.

Once upon a time, many American school children were expected to struggle  through conjugations and declensions to discover Caesar’s exploits in Gaul. Aspiring artists spent hours sketching Greek and Roman statuary. Even politicians were expected to quote easily from Pericles, Cicero, or Cato.

This seminar will provide an overview from the early days of Troy and the founding myths of Rome, through the development of Greek culture, ending with Rome at the peak of her power.

Guest speakers and subjects will include:

March 24: Dr. Nicole Brown, classicist at Williams College, Roman specialty.  The Mediterranean World: Foundation Myths from the Wine Dark Sea to Mare Nostrum.  The session will focus on Roman life and the position of the classics today.

Slides for Session One

March 31: Walton Wilson, Chair Yale School of Acting. Origin stories for Greece and Rome, focusing on theatre voices from then and now.  We'll focus on The Oresteia and the classical voice.  

Slides for Session Two

April 7: Edward Tivnan, freelance writer/classicist, and Angie Doll Dowrin, educator-classicist.  The meaning of life?!  We'll touch on Greek philosophy and its contributions, both intellectual and practical: the allegory of the cave, the laws of Aristotle, and mixed government then and now.  What were the Greek inspirations and Roman implementation?

Slides for Session Three

April 14: David Macaulay, Rome illustrator. We'll go over the archeological record, new technology, transcending the trench-- the built world of Roman city planning!  The session will explore the design and society of the ancient world, and how it serves as a template for today.

Slides for Session Four

April 21: Edward Tivnan, freelance writer/classicist, and Angie Doll Dowrin, educator.  Kings and Tyrants.  Senators and tyrants. Ephors. Hellenistic Greece.  Was Alexander a flash in the pan?  This session will cover the historical and political heritage of Greece and Rome, along with philosophy and Christianity.

April 28: The Greek Heritage and Style.  The session will serve as a summary, structured in part by seminar participants.

Caesar as a meme.pptx

Rome toward Fall.pptx

Philip Deely holds an undergraduate degree in history from Hobart College and an M.A. from the University of Chicago. He taught at Simon’s Rock and Phillips Exeter. He served as the Associate Director of the Norman Rockwell Museum and has been a consultant to nonprofits on fundraising, governance, and strategic planning.

Course Summary 


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