F102 |Recreational Math - Round Two | Andy Pauker

Fridays 9:30 – 11:00 a.m.
| 6 Sessions on Zoom - 9/22, 9/29, 10/6, 10/13, 10/20, 10/27

Limit: 20

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As a follow-up to a previous sequence on Recreational Mathematics- mostly algebraic- these sessions are mostly geometric.  With full transparency, there is “real math” in each session, but it is used to design and create a variety of arts and crafts, and if asked, I hope to be able to answer your math questions.

Documents will be posted in advance so attendees will be able to prepare for the session and read ahead or along.The tempo of the class will be determined by the participants' backgrounds. Comments/questions are encouraged!!

Each session starts with a warm-up puzzle and some math jokes, riddles, and quotes to stimulate fun and thought, and ends with some of my favorite puzzles. The sessions also provide many references for those desiring to pursue any area in more depth.

The session topics are a collection of geometric examples, demonstrating that mathematics is:

  • beautiful in itself and for what it can help us create
  • a tool to help us understand the world around us
  • a pleasant pastime to stretch our minds and help entertain us!

In particular the sessions are:

  • An Introduction to Flexagons, and making a personalized flexagon birthday card.
  • An Introduction to Möbius Strips (and Klein Bottles), and making intertwined hearts.
  • An Introduction to Polar Coordinates, and creating multi-colored multi-pedaled flower designs.
  • An Introduction to Tessellations and Symmetry Groups, and designing tile and wallpaper patterns.
  • An Introduction to the Platonic Solids, and constructing your own personalized multi-faceted dice.
  • An Introduction to the Konigsberg Problem, and creating your own puzzles for your friends.
  • An Introduction to Loci, the Conics, and Cycloids, and designing your own string art.

Andy Pauker is a retired high school math teacher, CAD/CAM programmer, software support manager and director, as well as Customer Service, IT, and Quality VP. Now happily returning to his first loves - math teaching, tutoring, and puttering around the house.

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