Host Julie B Adler, a lawyer, non-profit executive, radio/podcast producer, writer, and artist, conducts conversations with lively and engaging guests of all ages for in depth discussions about food, climate, housing, and health. Their conversations will stimulate your discussions and perhaps move you to action.

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Living Well Into The Future Season Two!

Now streaming! This second season will brings new and insightful perspectives from members of different generations on the vital topic of sustainability and resilience in the face of changes to our environment. It features a diverse range of experts working on the local, state, national, even international level. They are innovators and implementers, founders, and developers.

  • Episode 12 - In “Working with Nature,” host Julie B Adler speaks with guests Kathy Zarsky, founder of Biomimicry Texas and Holos Collaborative, and Kate Sector, Project Design Manager for Lake Flato Architects. They illustrate how the use of principles such as biomimicry and biophilia, living system design, and others can contribute to a healthier and more secure environment.
  • Episode 13 - Resilience at the Root” identifies actions individuals can take to enhance their own economic and physical health as we delve into the inspiring story of how the leaders of the Center for Ecotechnology (CET) addressed the challenges of the oil crisis of the seventies and the waste crisis of the nineties innovatively by meeting the community and citizens “where they are.” Hear how their early novel programs turned mainstream and set CET up to have an even greater impact creating resilience in the face of environmental challenges today. Listeners will hear from Laura Dubester and Nancy Nylen, who, with Laura’s late husband, developed CET’s science based, community-based programs beginning in the nineteen seventies and eighties; Ashley Muspratt, the current president of CET, which now serves communities across the country; and Jack Anderson, a senior at Massachusetts College of Liberal Arts, who projects a future working in the environmental arena.
  • Episode 14 - "Planning for Resilience" launches April 8

Living Well Into The Future is produced by Julie Koppenheffer and is supported in part by Berkshire OLLI and WTBRFM.

LWITF aims to educate and inspire listeners to initiate discussion among and between the generations with an eye toward action. It provides a platform for thought leaders, innovators, and experts to share their insights and experiences, encouraging listeners to think about the world around them. The second season promises to be even more thought-provoking and impactful than the first, delivering engaging and educational content that will inspire and motivate listeners to informed discussion and considered action toward a healthy and secure future.

Let us know how you've enjoyed the series, what you've taken away from it, what you'd like more of, what topics you'd like to hear covered, and whether you know of other venues and organizations, whose membership would like to listen to and discuss. Send an email to

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Living Well Into The Future is produced in Berkshire County and supported in part by Berkshire OLLI and WTBRFM, Pittsfield.

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